Our Virtual Healthcare Service


A 7 days-a-week virtual doctor service

All SDSmyhealthcare practices have access to our Virtual Centre. It offers patients the opportunity to book telephone consultations with a GP or prescribing pharmacist. Virtual Centre appointments are available 7 days a week.


What is the Virtual GP service?

The Virtual GP is designed for non-complex patients with straightforward conditions. Via data sharing, the GP has full access to the patient’s history and medical notes in EMIS. The GP’s notes and actions will be recorded straight into their EMIS record, so our member practice can view any recommendations or actions.

What can the Virtual GP offer patients?

  • A telephone consultation to discuss their issue – with full access to their medical record and history

  • If the patient requires medication (acute), their prescription will be sent to their nominated local pharmacy for collection

Where the Virtual GP believes that the patient needs to be seen face-to- face, they will either:

  • book them an appointment in an extended access session at one of the Hubs

  • direct them to the Walk-In- Centre

  • advise the practice that their patient needs to be seen by their own GP

Find out more

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