The SDSmyhealthcare Musculoskeletal
(MSK) Service


Offering patients direct access to treatment

SDSmyhealthcare’s Musculoskeletal (MSK) service offers patients direct access to local treatment, from BCHC’s qualified MSK Specialists and Physiotherapists.

What kind of referrals will the SDSmyhealthcare MSK Service deal with?

Patients aged 16 or over, with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions affecting their neck (including whiplash) and thoracic spine; shoulders; upper or lower limbs; back, pelvis, or joints; muscular pain and injuries - including sports injuries.

What does the urgent criteria include?

The SDSmyhealthcare MSK’s service’s urgent criteria includes any of the following:
• Patient is off work due to their condition
• Severe pain is significantly affecting the patient’s quality of life
• Patient is a primary carer and this problem is affecting their ability to care
• Patient has an acute musculoskeletal injury

The SDSmyhealthcare MSK Service cannot deal with:
• Re-referral – patients seen within the last six months for the same condition
• Post-operative care
• Long term or chronic conditions
• Neurological conditions – for example CVA/Stroke/TIA, MS, Parkinson’s, Paraplegia
• Domiciliary – Nursing Home, Bedbound/Housebound, Immobile
• Women’s Health/Incontinence

How does the referral service work?
The patient contacts reception or sees a GP. If the practice decides the patient is eligible, it refers him or her to clinic.

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