Our Extended Access Service


Giving patients greater access to primary care

We enable our members to offer their patients extended access to Nurse and GP appointments. These extra appointments are held at six local SDSmyhealthcare Hubs, seven days a week.

What is the SDSmyhealthcare Extended Access Service?

It’s an extension of our members' usual primary care service. Now when their patients need to see a GP or Nurse, members can offer them a greater range of appointment times. These extra appointments are held at five local SDSmyhealthcare Hubs, seven days a week.


Why are we doing this?

In short, to provide extended access appointments to patients. The service offers a range of more convenient primary care appointments.

The SDSmyhealthcare Extended Access Service eases the pressure on:

  • GP Practices

  • A&E Departments and Walk-In Centres

  • Secondary Care


Who can access it?

Each practice is allocated a specific local Hub at either West Heath Medical Centre, River Brook Medical Centre, Fernley Medical Practice, Harborne Medical Practice or Burbury Medical Centre. All member practices can also access the Virtual Centre.

Patients will never be more than three miles away from a Hub. In most cases they will attend the nearest one to where they live - but can go to other ones if it's more convenient. 


What about patient records?

Hub GPs have access to the patient’s full medical record, as long as the patient gives his or her consent. This means that they can receive personal GP care. 


Find out more

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