Is your practice interested in joining our Federation? 

Then please get in touch today. We're currently accepting new memberships. 

Who can join the federation? 

Any GP practice that is based in the Birmingham and Solihull area.

Please note: your practice cannot join if it is already a member of any existing GP Federation or GP Super Practice as of 1st June 2016.

As a member of our Federation, your practice will:

  • Achieve significant economies of scale - through bulk-buying and sharing services such as HR, finance and facilities management. We’ll help your practice become more efficient and productive, by spreading your costs across the Federation
  • Enjoy a far greater chance of successfully procuring contracts to improve your patient care. The Federation will help you to deliver continued and consistently high standards of patient care, and provide greater access for your patients to a full range of services
  • Potentially achieve greater financial stability
  • Have the potential opportunity to deliver services on behalf of the Federation. This could involve your practice delivering a service directly on behalf of patients of the Federation, or having easier access to services within your local community.
  • Receive the support you may need to deal with visits and inspections from regulatory bodies (for example the CQC). You’ll also be able to access support for your staffing needs in time of high demand, for greater resilience.
  • Improve the training and performance of your practice team. As a Federation member, you’ll be able to innovate more quickly and easily to o er better services to your patients. The Federation will provide bespoke training for each staff group, and create pipelines for a future workforce
  • Share best practice, skills and expertise in a supportive and collaborative way with your fellow Federation members.

How do we join? 

To speak to someone about submitting a membership application please contact us today.