The SDSmyhealthcare Prescription Ordering Department (POD)


Helping patients access their prescriptions

This quick and easy to use telephone service allows our patients to reorder repeat prescriptions without visiting or calling their surgery. The service also ensure their medication is up to date.

Since October 2017, we have been running this successful joint pilot scheme with Birmingham South Central CCG. The POD is a dedicated service, that helps patients order their appropriate repeat prescriptions.

In the first six months alone, the POD received over 25,000 calls. Our pilot has been so successful, that the newly merged Birmingham and Solihull CCGs have commissioned a 12 month extension to it.

What does the POD do?

Our service:
Empowers patients - by putting them back in charge of ordering their medicines
Reduces unnecessary waste - linked to ordering items which aren’t needed
Minimises the risk of inaccurate clinical system records - since prescription issues would reflect what the patients have ordered, rather than what third parties have ordered on their behalf

How does the POD work?

We deliver the POD from a centralised call centre. It is staffed by Pharmacy Technicians and Customer Service operatives, who are supported by expert Pharmacists. The POD is open between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

Delighted with the feedback

We are delighted with the feedback we’ve had. Patients say they are pleased they can access a dedicated team, who can listen to their concerns and answer any questions. They also say they appreciate the flexibility the POD offers, as it is open both before and after traditional working hours. We’ve also had positive feedback from GPs, Practice Managers, receptionists and admin staff.

Here is just a small sample of our recent feedback:
“Thank you - this is an epic service.” (Patient.)
“The service has really helped me.” (Patient.)
“This service is much more convenient.” (Patient.)
“This is a beautiful service.” (GP.)
“Excellent. This is the one service that really saves GP and reception time. Providing excellent service, and I as a GP feel the difference saving me at least two hours a day, and patients are not requesting unnecessary prescriptions.” (GP.)
“I think the service is excellent and saving the NHS money.” (GP.)
“Brilliant service, which has helped us a practice no end.” (Practice Manager.)
“This has reduced the workload at our practice, and the unnecessary wastage of medicines we usually encounter through over-ordering!” (Practice Manager.)
“We have more time to do other value-adding work instead of prescriptions.” (Receptionist.)
“Really saved us time to do other important tasks.” (Receptionist.)

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