Our Diabetes Community Clinic


Giving GPs access to specialist Consultant Diabetologists

Diabetes treatment in primary care is improved through the sharing of expert knowledge and advice from Consultant Diabetologists.

The SDSmyhealthcare Diabetes Community Clinic is a virtual review performed by a Consultant Diabetologist and a Diabetes Specialist Nurse. It provides advice and guidance to help with the management of patients with diabetes.

The vision is to further expand these clinics to involve GPs in Diabetes, and Practice Diabetes Nurses, and to offer follow-up face-to-face appointments with the Consultant.

The Community Clinics run a number of times each month, ensuring minimal waiting times.


Who are the clinics for?

The Community Clinics are particularly appropriate for:

  • Patients who are struggling to manage their diabetes

  • Patients whose treatment regime may need reviewing or changing

  • Any patients where the practice would benefit from advice and guidance


Who can use the clinics?

The Community Clinics are available to all Federation practices.The clinics have been running since May 2017 and so far 20 different practices have made use of them.

Senior GP Partner from Kings Norton:  “This is a stupendous clinic.”

Senior GP Partner from River Brook: “This is an excellent service as I get feedback real time and I am able to discuss in our local environment with patients.”

In reviewing the patients referred to the clinic, we have seen significant improvements in weight and HbA1c measurements.


Find out more

If you’d like to know more about this Clinic, please call the SDSmyhealthcare team on 0121 483 2128.