SDSmyhealthcare Launches New Prescription Ordering Department

Have you heard about our new NHS Prescription Ordering Department (POD)? It’s a quicker and more convenient way for MyHealthcare patients to order their new prescription.

All patients have to do is call our dedicated line on 0121 726 1320 or order via our new MyHealthcare app. The POD is open 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Nirmal Vora said: “Our fully trained and dedicated POD team can help patients with all their prescription and medication queries. This makes ordering their repeat prescriptions even easier and quicker.”

Patients can discuss their medication needs in total confidence. Our POD team has access to their prescription records, and let patients know when their medication reviews are due. In addition, patients can now order their medications without having to leave their homes.

Nirmal continued: “As well as being quicker and more convenient for patients, our new POD service can also help the NHS save vital resources. Currently unused prescriptions cost the NHS £300 million - money which could be put to much better use in the healthcare system.”

Like to find out more about the new MyHealthcare Prescription Ordering Department service? Then please contact [name and details]. 

Ash Vora