SDSmyhealthcare App Success

MyHealthcare and Birmingham and Solihull STP have jointly developed a new patient facing app to enable patients to access services across the whole health system, in all clinical systems. We’re enabling patients to book directly into primary, community and third-sector services. In addition, once it’s rolled out fully the app is predicted to to save the CCG over £1 million each year.

The app has been developed to meet the changing needs of the NHS. Patient access and empowerment have been put at the heart of our solution. Our app:

Improves patient access - by providing appointments, medical records and medication on any web enabled or mobile device

Provides tailored personalised guides and content - based on an individual patient’s record data and needs

Allows equal access to services and content - regardless of practice, clinical system, service provider or care setting

Reduces existing spend on IT solutions - to achieve a cost neutral solution for excellent patient facing services

Leverages a modular platform - to prevent vendor lock-in, and to utilise components for economies of scale

Nirmal Vora said: “Our app supports easy and convenient digital access to appointments, medication, lifestyle and medical records. The app offers service access in a consistent and easy to use way.”


With customisable sign-posting and clinician profiles, our app ensures patients get the most appropriate services straight away. Other features include appointment reminders, and post appointment “friends and family” test feedback via SMS or push messaging.


Nirmal continued: “Currently, the app is being used in 23 practices, who have a combined total of of 123, 000 patients. The app will shortly be rolled out to 1.2 million patients, spread across over 200 GP practices.”

Ash Vora