Dr Naresh Chauhan - Clinical Lead

Naresh began his career by studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham. After spending seven years working in hospitals, he moved across to General Practice and was a GP partner at Meux and Chauhan from 1985-1987. In 1987, Naresh moved to the Riverbrook Medical Centre.

He took a lead role in establishing South Doc Services in 1996, and has served as their Medical Director since then. Naresh has also been Clinical Lead for SDSmyhealthcare since it began in 2015. He has been an honorary lecturer for Community Based Medicine at the University of Birmingham for the past 21 years. During this time, Naresh has also held clinical leadership roles in various South Birmingham NHS organisations. These roles include serving as Vice Chair of the BSC CCG.

Throughout his career, Naresh has lived locally and is married with a daughter. She’s following her father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in Medicine. In the rare moments of spare time he gets, Naresh enjoys socialising and holidaying in exotic places.