Dr Anja Schoen - Clinical Lead

Anja was born in 1968 in the the mining and steel production area of central West-Germany. She graduated from the University of Essen (Germany) with a medical degree in 1994.

After working and further training in Leeds , Düsseldorf, Liverpool, Coventry and the GP-training scheme of Thanet and Canterbury she was fortunate to be offered a partnership at Karis Medical Centre in 2000 and has been working there ever since.

Anja has been involved in student teaching and doctor training for reproductive and sexual health and has been enjoying working, planning and shaping General Practice as a Team.

She'd had some involvement with BSC as part of working groups or committees over the last 4 years.

"I feel strongly that in the current political climate working in collaboration as federation will be the best way forward to hopefully preserve what makes General Practice enjoyable and is the safest, most patient centred and cost efficient way to provide Primary care to our patients."